Catherine Forster

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"By the Dripping Tree " multi-media installation

Grand Rapids Art Museum

Museum balcony space, entrance to 2nd floor galleries.

Exhibition includes: "Whispering Pause", on the front wall and around the corner to the passageway. "Curdled Tango" sculpture - 10 ft column i the passageway. "Salty Wine" 12.5 ft column on the wall opposite "Whispering Pause". Video collage: H2O triptych and "Swallow".

“By the Dripping Tree” is a multi-media installation including sculpture, video, sound, and inkjet prints mounted on aluminum. The project is an exploration of water and our relationship with the magical and complex substance. Water is the only substance we use for both healing and torture. We are mostly of water as is the earth, and we naively believe we control it until tragedy tells us otherwise. The installation includes large-scale images that are devised from painting and digital manipulation. These structural paintings are created in collage format allowing for site-specific installations.

The aluminum panels represent our romanticized union with water; the videos show her other side. “Swallow”, looped video with sound, explores the sheer power of water and our deployment of water to over power others.


Whispering Pause, detail

Whispering Pause - facing wall

Curdled Tango sculpture - center

Salty Wine sculpture - far wall

Curdled Tango

"Cudled Tango" (Curdled Tango detail)

Video Collage installation

Install process