Catherine Forster

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3 channel video installation


HouseProyecto follows a home construction project over a summer. A construction crew builds an addition on the front of the house while the family carries on their routines at the back of the house.

Sample of Video can be viewed here


They liked to fish and I told them to come early while the lake was calm, before the speedboats. They came early and with homemade gear.  I offered fishing poles, they used line wrapped around a stick. I suggested the dock for lunch, they chose to sit under a tree near the driveway. I offered lemonade, soda or water, they politely declined – we’re OK. Such went our 6 months together.

Ignacio spoke for Tony and Jose, all soft-spoken gentleman, at least when I was around. I observed, trying not to be too obvious; I was impressed with their skill, focus and seemingly nonchalant attitude to heights. Encarnación was called “Nacho” by our Contractor as it was just too difficulty to pronounce “Ignacio”. I resisted the nickname, consistently fumbled the pronunciation of his name and eventually conceded to using Nacho.

I liked these guys and wanted to know them better, but as time went on the crew worked on the front of the house and we carried on our lives on the opposite side of the house. When the project ended I threw a celebratory party; the three people I wanted most to come were Ignacio, Tony and Jose. The Contractor and Architect showed; the guys never did. I hesitated wrapping up the party, hoping they might come late, much like waiting for a no-show date or that anticipated phone call. I still think about them when I peruse their finished product or guide friends and family through our remodeling project, yet I’ve never mentioned the guys by name, only our Contractor and Architect.