Catherine Forster

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"Relish the Drift"

Multi-media installation for solo exhibition at The Merwin Gallery, Illinois Wesleyan University

I live near water and solve most of my creative challenges in a kayak or walking close to shore. Mostly subconsciously, I note the changes in color, texture, and viscosity of the surface through the seasons, crystal clear in spring after the ice melts, heavy and somewhat murky during hot summer days, dark and full of unexpected contrasts in the autumn light, frozen in winter, clear beneath the ice. It is not surprising that water would eventually find its way into my work.

Relish the Drift explores water as art medium, metaphor and element. Golden Oldies deploys water to make visual scores; Drift is a poem about isolation, loss and acceptance; the four digital seascapes of Now for the Painter honor the painter R.J.W. Turner; Swallow explores the sheer power of water, while H2O celebrates the viscosity and texture of water and the magic marriage of water and light.

Documentation of the instalaltion can be viewed on VIMEO

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Golden Oldies Drift Now for the Painter Swallow H20

The connection to all these projects is water, either as medium (Golden Oldies, Now for the Painter), metaphor (Drift, Swallow), or substance (H20).

Merwin Gallery is a 3000 sq ft space, one corner is dedicated to H20, a virtual waterfall of paintings celebrating water's marriage with light.The remainder of the gallery is devoted to moving images. The exhibition includes 13 videos and over 30 paintings.

I’m always looking for the little inconsistencies and contradictions of every day life, banal instants that add up to something else. Going viral is not what my works about, I hope to induce viewers to spend time with each piece, to slow down and really look and listen, especially when it’s silent.